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About Rim-O's Founder

Rim-O's founder Sara is a Montana mother, chocolatier, nature lover, volunteer, and entrepreneur. With a background in geology she began a small chocolate truffle business after moving to Montana with her husband. Sara's passion for cooking with whole, healthful foods while enjoying some indulgences led her to learn about Instant Pot cooking. The Instant Pot reinvigorated Sara's love for cooking but its design has some short comings. Sara set out to solve the problem of the dirty rim. That exposed rim can collect food drips that cause sealing problems, can allow damage to the element below, and is just a gross, hard-to-clean food trap. With an idea and about $5, several trips to the local library's maker space and help from the wonderfully patient staff, Sara created a 3-D printed model of what would become the Rim-O Pot Rim. Made in the USA, Rim-O is a food safe, heat resistant silicone accessory that will withstand years of use. Now Sara keeps it clean with Rim-O.